Pet Owners

As a cardiology referral service, we work closely with colleagues in general practice to ensure that pets with heart conditions are treated promptly, compassionately and with minimal stress. Your pet will always be seen in your own practice, which means familiar faces and surroundings for them, and minimal travel and disruption for you.

Collaborative and empathic approach

We never forget that you know your pet better than anyone, so Ian will always take time to listen to your concerns at every stage of the referral process. He will gently examine your pet, perform an ultrasound scan to determine a diagnosis and work with you to recommend and agree a treatment pathway that you are comfortable fits with your pet’s needs, your own wishes and your family’s lifestyle. Working with your vet, we’ll keep you fully informed throughout the referral process and involve you with all major decisions as part of CardioCare’s uniquely collaborative approach.

Please note – in order to maintain continuity, and ensure your pet receives timely and appropriate care, we are unable to receive bookings direct from pet owners. Please speak to your local practice who can help arrange a referral to CardioCare.